Racing FAQ

QLDCX races take place on courses that are about 1.5 – 2km per lap. For a 30min race you should be able to manage 6-7 laps, unless you are super speedy and you should push out 8+. There will be a race for everyone and no restrictions on what bike you ride in any category. Your bike must still have 2 working brakes. So, if you are a gun and only own a mountain bike, jump into A grade and challenge yourself.
Kids races are 15min, and are open to children up to 15 years old. Although most older kids will find riding in the open category more exciting.
Open/C grade races are 30min and are directed at new riders and riders wanting to have a laid back race with no pressure. If you ride open you will also be able to have a beer and heckle the speedy guys and gals when your done.
A grade & B grade race together until we get enough racers to split into 2 groups. A grade race for 45min & B grade for 30min.
Men and woman will race together until we can add a separate female category.