SRAM Cyclocross Series FAQ

The 2015 SRAM Cyclocross Series kicks off on the 19th of July with the other races falling on the 2nd, 16th & 30th of August. There are many changes from last year, so we suggest you read all in the information below to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Balance Bike , U7 , U9 , U13
U15, Come & Try Men, Come & Try Women
B Grade Men, A/B Women
A Grade Men

Timings and duration will be as per each event page.

Kids under 15 are FREE
$10 for Adults
$30 for Series Pass (all 4 races) Refer to ‘Max Fields’ and ‘Seeding’ to see other benefits of purchasing a Series Pass

Grades/Self Grading/Handicap
For most part, the SRAM Cyclocross Series races are self graded. So, if you are casual rider and want to ride without race pressure come along to the Come & Try category. If you have a bit of a competitive streak we recommend B Grade. If you race crits or MTB in A or B Grade put yourself in A Grade. If you found yourself on a podium last year in B Grade you will be moved into A Grade – you might be surprised how well you perform.

Max Fields
Fields for each race will be limited to 50. Preregistration online will secure your place on the start line. Purchasing a Series Pass will also secure your place for every race.

Online Entry & Registration
This year we be offering preregistration online. By preregistering we will hold a race number for you at the event. However, you must collect your race number 20min before the start of your race – if your chosen category is full and you don’t collect your number we will give it away to someone that missed out. Preregistering helps the volunteers at the rego desk and we love those guys.

If you have a Series Pass you will only need to preregister for the first race and we will not give your race number away. Your race number will then be yours for the whole series!

Lastly, registration will close 10min before an event. This will allow us time to enter any late comers into the timing system. Another reason why preregistering is an awesome thing to do.

Riders will be seeded on the start line by race number. If you have a Series Pass you will have a low number and be guaranteed a starting position towards the front.

Teams Event
For 2015 the SRAM Cyclocross Series will include a Teams Event. Teams will be made up of 4 riders from any adult category. Any team member awarded series points during a race will have those points added to their teams points total. Find 4 mates, come up with a cool name and get all rad and stuff – bonus medals are up for grabs. To nominate your team, do so as you preregister online.

Refer HERE

Finishing place points as per the table below. Points awarded within each category.

Place   Points
1          50
2          40
3          35
4          30
5          25
6          20
7          18
8          16
9          14
10        12
11        10
12         9
13         8
14         7
15         6
16         5
17         4
18         3
19         2
20         1